• Common Holiday Cyber Scams

    Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to phishing, read on for some typical scams and how to avoid them.

  • December IT conference: Flexible IT

    Save the date! IT@Cornell Fall Conference is December 9, and the theme is Flexible IT.

  • IT@Cornell Annual Showcase

    The IT@Cornell Annual Showcase highlights our acheivements from FY15. Find out about classroom technology upgrades, cloudification, IT research needs and more.

  • Cloud over servers

    Cornell Cloud Services

    Cornell now offers "Cloudification" services to all units and groups on campus. Find out how you can move to the cloud!

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Latest News

08.19.2016 Box support ends for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 on 9/26/16

Box has announced they will end browser support of Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 on September 26, 2016. Box also does not support compatibility mode for unsupported browsers. 

08.19.2016 Still time to nominate today and tomorrow's IT leaders for ITELP

A few last-minute openings are available for ITELP, a program for anyone in the IT community--team leaders, technical staff, individual contributors, or front line managers--to improve their skills in leading by example in their current roles. The program will be held at Cornell from October 2016 through June 2017, with a cost of $5500.

08.19.2016 Registration open for Cornell DrupalCamp + more October 6-7, 2016

Registration is now open for Cornell DrupalCamp 2016, to be held Friday October 7. An optional half-day Code Sprint or half-day Drupal Basics, will be held October 6.

IT Serving Cornell

Cloudification Services will offer an on-ramp to cloud infrastructure

Enterprise Information Systems

Cloudification is the conversion of application programs to take advantage of cloud computing.... read more

Building productive and collaborative relationships at the speed of trust

IT Serving Cornell

To facilitate IT project success in the challenging higher education environment, trust and... read more

Four new Cornell MOOCs for the Spring 2015 semester

Teaching and Learning Technologies

Four new Cornell MOOCs (massive open online courses) are on the way for spring 2015. The courses... read more

Cornell to develop cloud training for U.S. research community

Cornell Research IT Needs

As a collaborator on the NSF-funded Jetstream program, the Cornell University Center for... read more