• CIT 40+ Years Service Awardees

    Congratulations and thank you to the CIT employees who have worked here for more than 40 years!

  • CIT 25 years+ service awardees

    CIT 25+ year service awards 2016

    Congratulations to the CIT employees who have worked here for 25+ years! Celebrated every 5 years at Cornell.


  • Cornell Online

    Cornell Online is the university's premier website to showcase Cornell's online programs, courses, and more!

  • Cloud over servers

    Cornell Cloud Services

    Cornell now offers "Cloudification" services to all units and groups on campus. Find out how you can move to the cloud!

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Latest News

12.02.2016 Skype for Business on Mac available, but lacking features

Microsoft has announced the availability of Skype for Business on Mac, but since key features are still missing, CIT recommends that Lync for Mac users continue to wait to upgrade, or try Zoom web conferencing. (For more information about Zoom, please see Zoom online web and video conferencing service, now available.)

12.01.2016 New Name for IT@Cornell Leadership Community

The IT@Cornell Leadership Community has been renamed to ITConnects! Debra Howell, the chair of the committee, explains, “This name more accurately describes the purpose and intention of the group. We strive to foster connections across CIT and all IT departments at Cornell.”

12.01.2016 Longview BMT upgrade, users must upgrade applications

Starting on Monday, December 12, 2016 until Sunday, December 18, 2016 Longivew BMT, the budget management software used by Cornell finance staff with budget responsibilities, will be shut down for a week to upgrade to Longview version 7.3. In addition to the upgrade, single sign-on capabilities will be incorporated. 

11.30.2016 CIT Training: Adobe Photoshop CC The Power of Layers

In this 4-hour class, you will learn how to organize layers, use adjustment layers and layer masks, apply styles and blending modes to layers, and the difference between opacity and fill. Layers in Photoshop play a major part in color correction and special effects. It's the incorporation of layers as a tool that gives Photoshop its flexibility, and makes it so powerful.

IT Serving Cornell

New Cornell MOOCs in 2016

Teaching and Learning Technologies

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Cloudification Services will offer an on-ramp to cloud infrastructure

Enterprise Information Systems

Cloudification is the conversion of application programs to take advantage of cloud computing.... read more

Building productive and collaborative relationships at the speed of trust

IT Serving Cornell

To facilitate IT project success in the challenging higher education environment, trust and... read more

Cornell to develop cloud training for U.S. research community

Cornell Research IT Needs

As a collaborator on the NSF-funded Jetstream program, the Cornell University Center for... read more